Monday, March 2, 2015

Marking my Fifth Year

It's been a long while since I penned something here personally.

So, this year, coincidentally it's my 5th year since I embarked on teaching Pilates my profession, I had the opportunity to join and be part of an amazing (pioneer) team in setting up Lululemon's very first store in Asia and in Singapore! I'm so grateful for this opportunity, where I met and got to know so many different like-minded people. Here's my journey in the seasonal term I had - during the festive holiday period.

First, the team (Lululemon Singapore) spirit is nothing but fantastic - Go Lululemon! Who would have thought unpacking/packing of apparel would be done with such high energy and fun - making work fun, have fun working!

The team - we simply love our workouts! We'd call it "sweat together". It's so encouraging and motivating to have people to work out with; plus, we have the freedom to try different types of workouts and go to all the different workout spaces/studios in Singapore!

Also, I got to meet and attend each Lululemon Singapore's ambassadors sweat sessions.

My firsts at these workouts with the ambassadors were:

I also attended quite a fair number of classes by Lynn & Sumei at Space & Light (R-evolution). Personally, I liked it because of how much they emphasise on alignment on cuing the poses. Having attended Yin Yoga by Jo Phee, I understood what Yin is for and about better; though my initial encounter at Yin some years back was it was a tat too slow for me.

Not forgetting, attending a class by Alicia Pan, Founder and Owner of Yoga Movement and attend the Pilates community class by Thicha, Instructor Trainer and Trainer at Breathe - The Movement Specialist.

Eventually, I must say experiencing various workouts is not only fun as I love working out, but I've found how it enables me to improve my teaching!

1. When I learnt the correct technique and alignment of some of the basic yoga poses, when I learnt the general principles of the yoga breath - i.e when to inhale and when to exhale in the various poses, I am in a better position to understand and explain to my clients the general differences.

2. Having done CrossFit, Crucycle (it's incorporating spinning and weights for arm workouts 
with music), Aerial Yoga,  I've discovered how I'm able to do them with relative control due to Pilates, a body conditioning regime. The improved body awareness, especially in alignment means no injury and engagement of the core muscles means working from the centre out and not put strain on my extremities (i.e joints on shoulders, wrists, knees and ankles).

3. Now, I have a better idea of how and what CrossFit is, what CruCycle and 7Cycle is, how Aerial Yoga is.

Plus I was reminded of the message(s)
"Trust Ourselves, learn to fall as more importantly, it's getting up and go at it again, and not to let Fear take over"

I've learnt so much from each and every one of the teachers/instructors and from the various classes. As this phrase a relief teacher gave us in my early teens:
"Every moment is lesson, Every person is a teacher. Grow!"

A heartfelt appreciation to everyone I've met and got to know - the ambassadors, the team, and guests at the store!

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