Sunday, August 14, 2011

Keeping the Inspiration!

I had a chat with one of the overseas colleague, who has been teaching  for 9 years now.

I told her that she's such a high-energy person, and wonderful teacher that I'm sure she has been inspiring a lot of people - her team and clients...and I, too, want to leave a positive impact on others myself.

In her words:
but a realistic one. I sometimes hear from my teachers "I want to be where you are" and that is nice, but it also is unrealistic as everyone has to find their own way and place...
the real challenge remains to be an inspiration to ourselves - if we can manage that - the others will follow

That's a good reminder that each of us will be an inspiration to others in our own unique way....
and that the real challenge is being an inspiration to ourselves!

May everyone have a wonderful day and week ahead!

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