Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pilates and Pregnancy: Safe Ab Exercises - Pilates Pro - The Pulse of the Pilates Industry

I had the privilege of teaching a client who was and is still pregnant, a couple of basic Pilates exercises. Now that she is into her final trimester and I'm heading for the inaugural Fletcher Pilates Conference soon, I thought it would be good to post up some information which may be helpful while I'm away. And of course, I'd like to share it with all the soon-to-be mothers on what kind of exercises are safe for you.

Basically, breathing is the first and most important exercise. Reason being, The Pilates breathing method engages your transversus abdominus (TA) during forceful expiration.

Training of the TA is particularly beneficial because contraction of the TA directly supports the uterus, and a well toned TA will help keep the rectus halves closer together and prevent the diastasis from opening excessively. Therefore, TA training can reduce the size of the diastasis. In addition, training the TA also helps women prepare for delivery, as one of the roles of this muscle is to assist during forceful expiration (i.e. pushing).

Do visit the page for the recommended exercises as well as which to avoid during pregnancy:
Pilates and Pregnancy: Safe Ab Exercises - Pilates Pro - The Pulse of the Pilates Industry

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