Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Being in-tuned

Had dinner with "check-out-cafe/eatery" best buddy friend (bbf) this evening, where we had Real Food (literally the name of the cafe). I must say the food IS indeed Real Good Quality food - freshly prepared with just the right amount of dressing for the salad and the oil used for the brown rice that we had. Oh, and not forgetting the Fruity-Nutty Yogurt that I simply wanted to try! I'm not usually a fan of yogurt but this was good! Unlike most others where it's too rich - creamy and milky, which would throw me off right away.

There are not many places which can whip up a salad that's done just about right. The bbf commented on the ingredients used in the dish. Things like it's an organic potato, sea salt was used to cook the potato, which astounded me! I don't have such a fine palate to taste how organic is the food and whether it's table salt or sea salt that was used!

The bbf said that after consuming Green Smoodees daily, it actually opens up the palate. I simply looked at her in disbelief; wish I have such a fine palate too.

On my way home, I realised how Pilates has also "opened up my palate", except that I'm referring to being more in-tuned with how my body feels. This is how amazing my journey in Pilates has been. From the initial awareness of my posture, strengths and weaknesses, to being aware of the deeper muscles - discovering them, learning to activate them appropriately, feeling them. In fact, I begin to understand and feel the muscles that are used, more intensely over time.

I'm so in-tuned with how my body feels that there are days when I wake up feeling "tight" at certain spots, like calves or hamstrings, or quads; while there are days when I feel stretched out.

Similarly, I hope to bring more body awareness to others in classes that I teach, and "open up their palate" in movement!

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